Best geyser buying guide-2020

Are you planning to buy a new geyser and do not know how to select the best geyser. We’re here to help you with this article “Best geyser buying guide” which one you must buy.

Do you dread taking a shower during the winter season? I remember that as a kid I hated it. I also remember that I started liking showers during the winter season after I enjoyed one under a continuous flow of warm water that helped me relax.

With the winters fast approaching, everybody is running to buy a good geyser.

While geyser is a highly useful product for commercial and domestic purposes.

But with so many types and sizes available in the market, we have your back trying to decide which one you must buy!

Best Geyser / Water Heater Brands in India

  • Havells Geysers
  • AO Smith Geysers
  • Racold Geysers
  • Bajaj Geysers
  • Venus Geysers
  • Crompton Geysers
  • Orient Electric Geysers

Best Geyser buying guide.

Type of Geyser

Storage Geysers (6 liters and above)

This conventional geyser is classic. It has a large storage tank inside the geyser where it heats and stores water. Hot water stored inside can be utilized later, even when there is a power outage, as it is designed to retain the heat for some time. It usually takes about 10 minutes to heat water. Ideal for domestic use, especially for bucket baths and showers, and Jacuzzis.

Storage geysers are suitable for

  1. Larger capacity requirements
  2. Families
  3. They heat water to a much higher temperature
  4. Usually used in colder areas like North, Central and East India and inner areas of south India

Instant Geysers (1-6 liters)

These compact heaters heat water instantly which makes them ideal for kitchens and small bathrooms where space is a constraint. They usually take about 5 minutes to heat water.

Instant Geysers are suitable for

  1. Lower capacity requirements
  2. Single users
  3. If the water doesn’t need to be heated to high temperatures
  4. Low water pressure
  5. Coastal areas with not very low temperatures Kitchens and washing rooms, Washbasins


The daily hot water requirement is one of the main factors that should decide the capacity of the geyser. The table below highlights which geyser to buy based on the average use.

Geyser size calculator

Family size
Purpose of hot waterGeyser typeRecommended Geyser capacity
2-3 membersFor bathing using bucketInstant Geyser6 liters
2-3 membersFor bathing using bucketStorage Geyser10 Liters to 15 Liters
2-3 membersFor bathing using showerStorage Geyser25 Liters
2-3 membersFor washing kitchen utensils or for hand washInstant Geyser1 Liter to 3 Liters
4-8 membersFor bathing using bucketInstant Geyser6 liters
4-8 membersFor bathing using bucketStorage Geyser25 Liters
4-8 membersFor bathing using showerStorage Geyser25 Liters
4-8 membersFor washing kitchen utensils or for hand washInstant Geyser1 Liter to 3 Liters

Types of geyser based on POWERED by

Three types of geysers are available in the market based on powered by.

  1. Electric Geyser.
  2. Gas Geyser
  3. Solar Geyser

Electric Geyser

  1. They are the more popular versions
  2. Heat water at higher temperatures than gas geysers
  3. Low purchasing price
  4. Higher operational costs
  5. Use of more efficient heating elements can bring down the running cost
  6. Easy to use and maintain
  7. Safer than gas geysers
  8. Smaller than gas geysers
  9. Easy to install

Gas Geyser

These geysers use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to heat water. They get their supply through gas pipelines/cylinders and are energy efficient. They are lightweight and cost-effective. It doesn’t store warm water.

  1. Needs ventilation
  2. Use gases such as LPG and propane gas to heat water
  3. Suitable for people who have a piped gas connection at home
  4. Heat water much quicker than their electric counterparts
  5. The operation cost of a gas geyser is roughly half that of an electric geyser
  6. Generally larger as they need more space for the ventilation unit
  7. Installation of the geyser is also a little difficult, as other aspects like the connection of the gas pipe have to be considered

Solar geyser

Solar geysers have been on the rise for the past few years. The gas and solar geyser post no threat to the environment and are comparatively pocket friendlier. A solar geyser is the best choice if you are living in an independent house with your family. With this choice, you will not pay a dime on electricity and able to provide hot water to the total home. The initial investment is very high but it will pay off in the longterm. Solar geysers are not suitable for large apartments.


Conventionally geysers are mounted vertically. Horizontal geysers are new to the market. Vertical Geysers are known as V-Wall geysers and Horizontal ones are known as H-Wall geysers.

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The materials used to manufacture storage tanks in geysers are:

  1. Copper: Heats quickly, less resistant to corrosion.
  2. Stainless Steel: Good insulation, the good heat conductor
  3. Thermoplastic: Average insulation, corrosion-resistant.

Tank coating materials

  1. Glassline Coating: Glass coated for improved insulation. It can be damaged with persistent use.
  2. Vitreous Enamel Coating: Corrosion resistant, prevents hard water scaling.

Safety Features

  1. Automatic Thermal Cut-out: prevents burnouts by cutting power.
  2. ABS Plastic Body: shockproof and rust-resistant.
  3. Fire Retardant Cable: It minimizes the flammability of the cables in case of a short circuit.
  4. Safety Valve: Also known as the temperature or pressure relief valve, it discharges water in case the temperature or pressure exceeds safe limits.
  5. Adjustable thermostat settings
  6. Rustproof outer body.

Energy Saving Features

  1. Timer: Switches the geyser on/off during specific periods to boost energy savings.
  2. Temperature Knob: It helps you to set a specific temperature. It also switches off the Geyser when the set temperature is reached.
  3. Thermostat: It lets you change and set the temperature as per your needs.
  4. BEE Star Rating: The higher the number of stars, the more energy-efficient the appliance is.

Safety tips

  1. When using the adjustable water temperature knob always set the temperature below 49 degree Celsius
  2. Keep the area around the water heater clean and free of combustible materials.
  3. Sediment buildup can cause premature tank failure, so make sure to use the drain valve to flush the water heater to remove the residues.
  4. Do not leave the children unattended around the geyser.
  5. Consider installing an automatic gas shutoff valve to stop the flow of gas.
  6. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure regular maintenance.

Final words

Going through the above blog “Best geyser buying guide“ would have given you a sufficient amount of information to help you purchase the Best geyser. We have also listed the important features.

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